Dr. Roaa Salman Al-Shammari, a teacher at the College of Basic Education at Wasit University, participated in the scientific conference (social problems and addressing them with an applied scientific vision) held by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Civil Society Organizations, the Iraq Foundation for Culture and Development, the Arab Forum for Women’s Studies and Training / Federation of Arab Trainers Unions

The participation was represented by its research tagged divorce and its negative effects on society (causes and solutions) through which it showed that the spread of the phenomenon of divorce is one of the negative indicators on all civilized and uncivilized societies because of the negative and serious damage it causes to the family reality, and indicates the scourge of family dispersion and disintegration experienced by the Arab society in general and Iraq in particular.

It is no secret that this dangerous phenomenon has reasons when they escalate dragging us to closed roads, with which all methods of dialogue and understanding are closed, which makes children the victims of this negative phenomenon at the same time that the phenomenon is ways of eternal salvation for couples, finding early solutions and following civilized methodologies in the style of dialogue and understanding and standing on the problems that are the main factors of family disintegration leading to divorce helps reduce the resounding rates of this phenomenon at all social levels.