The Faculty of Management and Economics at Wasit University held a dialogue seminar on the thought of The Martyr Sadr II Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr, his secret to sharif in the presence of a senior official and academic.

The President of the University, Professor Dr. Mazen al-Hasani, said that we stand today to remember the martyrdom of a great man of the Islamic world, the thinker of the nation and its philosopher, Mr. Martyr Radwan Allah, and we must remember the great man who became the circle of change in the face of the injustice that perched on the chests of all Iraqis.

Al-Hasani stressed that scientific institutions should not stay away from the flood of men's science and its cognitive effects, which we consider to get knowledge and knowledge from it.

The seminar recommended calling for the teaching of the thought of martyr Sadr Quds Serat al-Sharif in various social, educational, economic, intellectual, political and other disciplines because of the scientific and moral wealth that we desperately need now and in these circumstances.

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