The Department of History at wasit University's Faculty of Basic Education held a scientific seminar entitled "Functional Corruption in the History of Contemporary Iraq" through the fcc online platform. Legal historical study) with the participation of a number of researchers and specialists.
The scientific seminar included a discussion of three axes
The first axis entitled "The concept of functional corruption" presented by the school researcher Roy Salman Al-Shammari addressed through it the truth of the definitions that were launched to clarify the concept of administrative corruption in different philosophical schools, which may be due to the different ideas, cultures and orientations of the pioneers of these schools of writers, theoreticians and scholars.
The second axis was about (manifestations of corruption in Iraq and the confessions of officials) presented by Professor Dr. Salah Abdul Hadi al-Jubouri in which he touched on the manifestations of corruption in Iraq the titles of corruption in social media sites, which came shy and sad for a country that has always been beaten by proverbs and standards in the depth of its civilization and its higher values.
The third axis in which Dr. H.E. Hamid Al-Samri spoke about (functional corruption in the history of contemporary Iraq.. A historical legal study (which showed that the administrative law is competent to hold accountable the conduct of the employee or the person in charge of public service contrary to the job obligation, but because of the seriousness and gravity of some behaviors committed by employees only enters the Penal Code to increase the risk of action and make it a crime that interferes with the capacity of crimes against public confidence, and as a result of the spread of job corruption only a multiplicity of legislation that tried as much as possible to reduce this crisis that is ravaging the country.
The scientific symposium reached a set of recommendations, the most important of which is that public funds are inviolable and should not be attacked or stolen in any way, especially if the perpetrator is an employee or charged with performing public service, and to emphasize that the Iraqi state is now suffering a real crisis that is intractable due to administrative and financial corruption that has ravaged its body and dismembered its body, that the large number of legislation dealing with the exploitation of functional influence has not paid off as required as it did not attract attention in The extent to which it has achieved results that have contributed to the reining in of this type of crime, the judiciary in all its formations (public prosecution-courts) has taken its role by criminalizing such acts and imposing severe penalties for which the punishment should be achieved for its objectives of justice and public prohibition.
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