Wasit University organized a workshop on building and developing leadership skills and team management with the participation of a number of university administrative leaders, teachers and university staff. The workshop, in which Dr. Aida Hamid Hassan lectured, aims to encourage individuals to take their right role in leadership and give strategies to achieve the basic skills of a successful team leader. The workshop included highlighting several important topics related to building and developing skills in terms of taking or correcting opinions with the team, giving employees their expertise, giving employees enough time to learn and develop skills, and how to develop leadership and the basic qualities of the leader in terms of skills, information and behaviors. The workshop also touched on strategic planning skills as the leader is the planner and has the ability to think strategically and has a vision of the image, how the leader builds a strategic plan for the institution or team and what obstacles we can face in achieving our goals and delegation skills and the ability to delegate power and assign others tasks while giving them full powers to do it.

It could be a picture of 4 people, people sitting and an interior view.

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