Wasit University's School of Management and Economics discussed a master's thesis in tagged economics: the economics of palm cultivation and production in Iraq and its impact on the development of the agricultural sector for the period from 2005 to 2020

The research aims Ahmed to study palm cultivation and date production after 2005 to find out the extent of development or deterioration in order to find solutions to improve palm cultivation, improve productivity, increase crop productivity and contribute to agricultural development projects in the agricultural sector.

The most important conclusions were that there were a number of problems and constraints that prevented the development of the agricultural sector, including palm and dates, resulting in weak returns on the agricultural sector as well as a decrease in its contribution to GDP.

The study recommended the need to use modern scientific methods of soil reclamation as well as to increase the size of palm cultivation and varieties by following scientific methods to suit and serve the needs of the agricultural sector in Iraq, such as the use of textile farming methods to ensure an increase in the quantities produced from crops, as well as the establishment of agricultural laboratories that specialize in developing agricultural production in Iraq.

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