The Department of English language in the Faculty of Education for the Humanities at Wasit University in cooperation with the Unit for Women's Empowerment in the Presidency of the University and the Community Police in wasit Police Command held an awareness workshop entitled Electronic Extortion of Women in the presence of the President of the University, Professor Dr. Mazen Al-Hasani and Professor Dr. Mahmoud Arak, Dean of the College and a group of researchers, specialists and students. The aim of the seminar was to show the concept of electronic extortion and its dangers, causes and effects, especially on the segment of women. Moreover, the quest to raise social and legal awareness from the point of view of social and moral responsibility. The workshop, in which professors and specialists from Wasit University and the police leadership lectured on how to be careful not to make mistakes in electronic communications and the uses of social media sites and exploit them by the weak and the blackmailers. She touched on the role of the academic institution in raising awareness and guidance in that area as well as the role of community police in assisting individuals and society by contacting them at any time. It recommended the need to intensify efforts in addressing the causes of the problem and reducing it and protecting the privacy of citizens from this phenomenon that is alien to Iraqi society by cooperating with the competent authorities to stop these crimes in addition to launching intensive and studied media campaigns through television channels, civil society organizations and all relevant authorities to reduce and eliminate this dangerous phenomenon.

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