Wasit University is one of the most prominent academic institutions in Iraq. Since its establishment on 13th. Jan. 2003, it has moved in consistent steps towards achieving its goals to build a decent academic base. It aims at elevating its scientific standard to occupy a distinguished status among other outstanding Iraqi and  Arab universities.  It has been established in Wasit Governorate to be a center for knowledge، culture and science for all those who graduate from secondary schools in the governorate.

Wasit University aims at achieving high-level academic criteria through active contribution to scientific progress. It has provided the social and economic sectors with scientifically، administratively and technically qualified staff. It intends to cope with world cultural and technological progress to raise its standard.

There is no doubt that the achieved success of the University is the fruit of genuine efforts exerted by the University Board، the teaching staff and administrative and technical personnel along with the continual support of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Wasit University started with only two colleges: the College of Education and the College of Administration and Economics. There has been an expansion in the colleges themselves to contain some extra departments along with scientific centers. Now it includes fifteen colleges with 55 scientific and humane departments. Moreover، it contains the Continuing Education Center، IT Center and Ibn Sina Center along with the Central Library and the Scientific Virtual Library. It is expected that the university will establish other colleges and departments. We hope that our university will gain an esteemed status among other Arab and world universities as it has gained that status among other Iraqi universities. This depends on the cooperative efforts and insistence to achieve success and progress scientifically and practically.

Wasit University is looking forward to achieving a distinguished position in university learning and scientific research by building a system for comprehensive quality administration. This system is applied to all its colleges، scientific، administrative and technical departments as well as research centers. This environment is open to innovation since there is a good infrastructure capable of sustaining academic communication and interaction. It is independent، democratic and liberal and it has achieved good cooperation with other local، Arab and foreign universities، institutions and research corporations. The University holds strong ties to cultural، social and moral values so as to achieve sustainable growth in economic، social and human aspects.
In the light of the above vision, the University’s mission is to provide its students with all modern knowledge, and advanced methods of research to build their characters and to be able to innovate، challenge and lead. It also tends to make them capable of self-learning, group working, and objective competing locally, regionally, and internationally. Moreover, the University works to develop and modernize the curricula to be consistent with international modern trends and to be periodically assessed according to international standards(ISO) and with particular attention to the local circumstances. It also enhances the role of Continuing Education Center and other Research Centers to provide consultant and cultural services to society in order to deal positively with social problems and to offer visions and ideas to national issues.

Wasit University aims at providing university education to undergraduate and post-graduate students. It helps them to be efficient members of society with their culture and knowledge so that they can achieve dramatic positive changes in their communities. It provides them with education, training, experience and practice with special emphasis on the standard and quality.
It also aims at conducting scientific research by encouraging research programs that help achieve welfare and prosperity to people. Those researches are related to economics, humanities, agriculture, medicine, science, engineering،…etc.
In addition, it aims at establishing research centers specialized in finding the sound and feasible solutions to developed life requirements and technology trends. Scientific research is considered to be an active means to discover scientific facts, solve problems, predict social phenomena, and conduct research related to Wasit milieu in particular.
Moreover, it aims at participating in serving the local community and developing interactional methods to solve people’s cultural, social, and economic problems. Besides, it helps make use of the community resources, sustain its cultural identity and maintain moral and social values.
Besides, It tries to ensure the usefulness and quality of academic programs through continual assessment to the educational outputs. It also applies and develops performance criteria to measure the students’ scientific standards as well as other scientific, administrative, and technical facilities.
It always tends to exchange experiences and enhance academic and cultural ties with other Arab and international universities and institutions. It aims at participating in scientific research projects that are necessary and useful.

Certificates Granted by Wasit University

1- Bachelor’s Degree granted by all colleges.

2- High Diploma offered by College of Administration and Economics, and Medicine.

3- Master Degree granted by Colleges of Administration and Economics, Education, Engineering, Arts, Science, Medicine, and Physical Education.

4- PhD certificate granted by College of Administration and Economics, College of Education, and College of Science.

5- Post-Doctorate Degree granted by the Dept. of History/ College of Education.

Colleges of Wasit University:

1- College of Education: It was established in 1996. It is considered to be the nucleus of Wasit University. It Contains the following departments: Arabic، English، History، Geography، Educational and Psychological Sciences، Qur’anic Studies، Mathematics and Biology. It has two extra departments in al-Aziziya District: Arabic and Educational Science.

2- College of Administration and Economics: It was founded in 2000. It includes the departments of Economics، Statistics ، Accounting and Administration.

3- College of Science: It was founded in 2002 and it has three departments: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

4- College of Arts: It was established in 2005. It contains the following departments: Arabic, Sociology, Philosophy, Oriental Studies, and Translation.

5- College of Medicine: It was founded in 2005. It has the following branches: Surgery, Community Medicine, Anatomy and Biology, Drugs and Toxins, Pathology, pediatrics, Micro-biology, Medical Chemistry, Medical Physics,  Gynecology, and Forensic Medicine.

6- College of Engineering: It was established in 2006. It includes departments of  Mechanical Engineering، Civil Engineering، Electrical Engineering and Architecture.

7- College of Law: It was founded in 2006. It includes the Departments of Public Law and Special Law.

8- College of Agriculture: It was established in 2008. It has the following departments: Soil, Animal Wealth, and Field Crops.

9- College of  Basic Education: It was established in 2008 to include departments of General sciences, Arabic، Humanities, and Kindergarten.

10- College of Physical Education: It was founded in 2010. It included the following branches: Theoretical, Team, and Individual  Sciences.

11- College of Veterinary Medicine: It was established in 2011 to include the following branches: Anatomy and Embryology, Tissues and Cells, Parasites, General Health, and Animal Medicine.

12- College of Dentistry: It was established in 2012 with the following branches:  Oral, Facial, and Jaw Surgery, Tissues, and Basic Sciences.

13- College of Computer Sciences and Mathematics: It was founded in 2012 to include the Department of Computers and that of Mathematics.

14- College of Fine Arts: It was founded in 2012. It contains the following departments: Art Education، Literature and Theatre Criticism، and Plastic Art.

15- College of Media: It was founded in 2012 to include two departments: Press and Public Relations.

Presidents of University 2003-2017