Assistant Professor SABEEH LAFTA FARHAN
Personal Details:

Work Address: Department of Architecture, College of Engineering, University
of Wasit, Wasit, Iraq.
Home Address: Alkafaat District, Kut Province, Wasit, IRAQ
Date of Birth: February 28 , 1970
Place of Birth: Kut,Wasit, Iraq
Citizenship: Iraqi


• PhD in Urban & Regional Planning
October 2009 – August 2012 The Higher Institution of the Urban and Regional Planning / University of Baghdad, Iraq.
• MVSc. in Urban & Regional Planning
October 2007 – March 2009 The Higher Institution of the Urban and Regional Planning / University of Baghdad, Iraq.
• BVSc. in Architectural Engineering
October 1987 – November 1993 Department of Architecture, University of Technology, Iraq.

• February 2002 – December 2002:
Head of Hafria Municipality ,Wasit Governorate, Iraq.
• December 2002 – December 2004:
Head of Hay Municipality, Wasit Governorate, Iraq.
• December 2004 – July 2005:
• Head of Kut Municipality, Wasit Governorate, Iraq.
• August 2005 – August 2013:
Deputy of Wasit Governor for Technical Affairs, Wasit Governorate, Iraq.
• August 2013 – October 2014:
Head of Civil Department, College of Engineering, Wasit University, Wasit, Iraq.
• October 2014 – Present:
Head of Architecture Department, College of Engineering, Wasit University, Wasit, Iraq.

• – Iraqi Engineers Union, consultant in 12/04/2008, 1993- until now.
• – Wasit Engineers Union, deputy to the head, 1995-2004.
• – Organizations of Iraqi Architectures, 2000 – until now.
• – Supreme Committee for Population Policies in Iraq, 2010 – until now.
• Deputy Prime Minister’s Office award (awarded twice).
• General Secretariat of the Council of Minsters award (awarded twice).
• The Ministry of Municipalities and Public Works award (awarded four times).
• The Ministry of Housing and Construction award (awarded three times).
• The Minister State of Provincial Affairs Office award (awarded four times)
• President’s award (awarded fifteen times) of Wast, Babylon and Mustanseria Universities, Iraq.
• Governor’s award (awarded thirty five times) of Wast Governorate, Wasit, Iraq.

Publications full papers

1. Edited the book “The local authorities and development: analysis of administrative decentralization and local development with reference to the Iraqi experience” Ithraa Publishing and Distribution, 2012,Jordan
2. “Urbanization and the problem of big cities: A study of traffic problems and pollution.” 2009.
3. “Effectiveness of planning laws in the planning and development of cities in Iraq” 2010.
4. “Improve the environmental situation of the historical centers: the case study the city ,2012.
5. “Measure of justice in the signing of the spatial development of the investment program for the development of regions in Wasit province,” 2013. .
6. Sustainable urbanization of the city: an analytical study of axes expansion of the city of Kut,” 2014.
7. “Urban deterioration in the historic city centers: the case of residential environment for the study of the ancient city of Kut_ Iraqi” 2014.
8. Requirements to achieve sustainability in the residential camp: a comparative analysis of the sustainability of residential stores to the city of Kut” 2014.
9. Planning legislation and its role in achieving sustainable urban development: an analytical study of the effects of the second amendment to the Law of Governorates “.2014.
10. Climate processors of the house in traditional cities” 2015,
11. “Sustainable House and Its Relation with Residents’ Comfort a Study in Selected Regions in the City of Kut”2015.
12. ” Visual pollution in the commercial Urban scene- Analysis of the optical axes elected in the Kut city.
13. “Urban Sustainability Of Historic Heritage Places In Religious Cities”2016.
14. “Transformation in Urban Structure Of The Traditional City Centers- The Case Of Historic Center Of The Holly Karballa,2016.

Publications short papers

 “The development of slums, the case study area (Jawadain) in the city of Kut,” published in 2013
 “Vision for the future of the spatial signature standards development investments,” 2013.
 Discussed ways of activating the architectural culture and awareness schematic in contemporary Iraqi 2013.
 “Sustainable urban development in the light of decentralization”2014
 Originality and contemporary in the historic city centers symposium city asset building and modernization 2014
 Sustainable urbanization of the city: an analytical study of axes expansion of the city of Kut,” 2014.
 Spatial signature local development investments in accordance with the standards of good governance: reality and prospects for future” 2014.
 Search “urban transformation in the urban pattern and its impact on the holy cities” 2013.

Presentations at scientific meetings:

 A Local Administration Program for Iraq, 5-17 December 2005 – Korea International Cooperation Agency ,KOIKA , south Korea.
 The Sixth Scientific Conference of the Center for Urban and Regional Planning for Graduate Studies, for the period 15-16 / 5/2013, the University of Baghdad ,Iraq
 The third scientific conference of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Wasit 12/09/2013,Iraq.
 A seminar in the engineering culture 16/12/2013 – – Mustansiriya university- College of Engineering ,Baghdad ,Iraq.
 sustainable urban development of the College of Urban Planning / University of Kufa in 12/01/2014 ,Iraq.
 Originality and contemporary in the historic city centers symposium city asset building and modernization 01/23/2014 – college of Engineering, University of Wasit.
 The International Conference on Engineering Science – Mustansiriya University on 26-27 / 3-2014,Baghdad,Iraq.
 Scientific symposium impact of investment on the development of the cities of the Faculty of Engineering Department of Architecture at the University of Babylon strategies 03/13/2014,Iraq.
 Scientific symposium cultural and architectural heritage of the cities of the holy shrines in Iraq: Challenges and Solutions of the College of Urban Planning / University of Kufa on 05/12/2013,Iraq.
 The International Conference of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Karbala in 2014,Iraq.
 The Law of Governorates not organized in a region number (21) for the year 2008, _ague Kufa College of Urban Planning Scientific Conference of 2014,Iraq.
 International visitor leadership, Sustainable Urban Planning ,April 06 –April 24,2015,United states Departments of state ,Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs ,USA.
 The 2nd International Conference on Buildings, Construction and Environmental Engineering- BCEE2, October 2015, Beirut, Lebanon.
 Babylon First International Engineering Conference on 22-23 / December 2015, Babylon University , Babylon ,Iraq.
 The First Annual Conference For Iraqi Architecture, January 2016, Baghdad, Iraq.
 Smart solutions for future cities ,conference &exhibition,7-9 February 2016 ,at courtyard Marriot, Kuwait society of engineers ,Kuwait.
 Kuwait international nanotechnology ,conference &exhibition,10-11 February2016 ,at regency hotel , Central Agency for information technology , Kuwait.
 Federation of Arab engineers, organization if Arab Architects, 26 September 2016 Baghdad ,Iraq.

Email : drsabeeh@uowasit.edu.iq

mobile : 07801764678


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