Wasit University business incubator

 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Department of Research and Development – launched a network of university business incubators in all public universities. As a first stage, a business incubator was established in every public university. The goal of the program is to establish and expand business incubators to build future generations and enable them to devise sustainable solutions to facilitate the process of knowledge and research in Iraq, by incubating and supporting ideas, projects, research and patents to stimulate creativity and innovation and spread the culture of entrepreneurship .


To be a leading business incubator in transforming the entrepreneurial ideas of entrepreneurs in the university for all sectors into real projects that enhance the national economy and contribute to the sustainable development of the national economy .

the message

Creating the correct scientific atmosphere according to modern methods at all scientific levels, both in theoretical and practical aspects, to contribute effectively to keeping pace with the tremendous scientific development in the world in various scientific, human and interrelated disciplines .


Contributing effectively to the process of economic and social construction and development, encouraging the spirit of innovation and creativity, establishing the scientific bridge between universities and economic projects, thus exploiting resources in a scientific way, expanding the local market and contributing to the development of human capacities, as well as embarking on the real goals of the scientific and educational process according to studied plans and new implementation mechanisms that seek to Providing proper infrastructure, starting from scientific researchers, scientific departments, and scientific laboratories specialized in all sciences, in order to provide real scientific opportunities for researchers .