Wasit University has hosted an international workshop attended by specialist professors   from Wasit University, German and Egyptian universities collaborated in a groundbreaking experiment for Iraq and the Arab world by hosting a joint international workshop to design a major in sports engineering.

Prof. Dr. Mazin Al-Hasany, the Chancellor of Wasit University has stated that with the aim of achieving a unique experience and a qualitative shift in the connection between sciences and the investment of science, the workshop discussed strengthening joint scientific cooperation between Wasit University and the German University of Ottawa, represented by (Professor Anita Höckelmann) and (Professor Christine White), and professors from the Egyptian Universities of Cairo and Sohaj.

Al-Hassani elaborated, saying that the workshop covered the Sports engineering program that Wasit University plans to develop in order to find new specializations that keep pace with the labor market, to achieve international academic exchange, and to provide students with scientific and cognitive skills by linking sports sciences, engineering, and technology. This will allow them to produce graduates with skills in sports training and rehabilitation equipment, among other things. Additionally, this program will contribute to providing free scholarships for students of Wasit University at the German University of Otto-von-Guericke Magdeburg.