I discussed a PhD thesis at the Faculty of Education for the Humanities at Wasit University entitled "Manifestations of luxury for the Aylamians and The Agamemen"

The thesis presented by student Safa Mekdad Abdul Jalil aims to identify the luxury aspects of the Aylamians and Agaminis and to identify the most important factors that contributed to the emergence of these manifestations among some groups of society and to draw the consequences

In addition to demonstrating the extent to which some groups of The Iliami and Admini society enjoy a large production surplus that has been reflected in the way of life, to the grace and luxury that has emerged in different aspects of life.

It showed that it represents luxury and enjoyment of all aspects of life such as food, drink, dwelling, clothing, salad and lust, which prompted many scientists and researchers to link luxury, extravagance and extravagance and make it a manifestation of civilization.

The thesis concluded that luxury is essential for a person, no matter where he is in life, whether he is a ruler or a ruler, especially since luxury in all its means and manifestations is an important aspect of human life so that it can be considered the other side of work.

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