The Scholarship Committee at Wasit University hosted Prof. Dr. Diaa Majid Al-Tarki Al-Jumaili, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering and Technology and a key member of the Board of Trustees at Liverpool John Moores University, Britain, in cooperation with competencies and researchers from various international universities and the principle of activating applied scientific research to enter into force to improve the reality of the country by diagnosing problems and giving appropriate scientific solutions and treatments to solve those problems. Work was on the events of hosting the visiting professor.

The lecture included Dr. Al-Jumaili’s highlighting one of the most important problems facing Iraq, which is the problem of (water scarcity in Iraq), especially the water of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and the dryness of some of their tributaries, as well as the waste caused by the release of water in the Arabian Gulf without benefiting from it.

The visiting professor added about the possibility of using artificial intelligence by presenting a research paper that can be a proposed scientific project for the competent authorities to enter into force after consultation and briefing on the subject with all specialists, as well as putting forward the possibility of constructing smart dams in the two rivers, which are of great importance in controlling water levels in rivers by preventing water depletion on the one hand and converting them into new reservoirs on the other hand, in addition to the use of dams in providing electrical energy and Determine the water levels discharged within the administrative boundaries of each region.

It is noteworthy that it was officially announced that Dr. Al-Jumaili was awarded the Order of the British Empire with the degree of O.B.E within a constellation of personalities on the orders of Queen Elizabeth II, for his extensive research contributions related to the theory and practice of applied computing in medicine and the judiciary. The researcher has published more than 300 solid research papers and 6 academic books in interdisciplinary research fields including (technology-enhanced judiciary and the use of artificial intelligence in medical fields, including clinical, medical knowledge engineering, information systems, and human-machine interaction).

Professor Al-Jumaili successfully supervised more than 25 PhD students and was an external examiner for many UK and foreign universities for postgraduate studies, participated as a member of the editorial board and review committee of a number of reputable international journals, participated as a member or as a general president of a number of international conferences and is the founder and chairman of the IEEE International Conference Series on developments in electronic systems engineering. Since 2007.

Dr. Al-Jumaili has also received many scientific and research grants and awards at the local and international levels, and has exceeded the grants he received to support his scientific research (more than 5 million pounds) from various institutions interested in international research and education. Dr. Al Jumaili is currently the Chairman of the Global Smart Engineering Software Development Foundation based in England since 2018.